Yet another tool to manage all your movie files stored on harddisk.

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May 19th, 2008

Just released another beta version 0.5,
which fixes some major bugs and seems to work stable.
Now it is possible to enjoy movies right from omov with the
new built-in video player (QuickTime required).

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OurMovies single purpose is managing your movies -easy, isn't it, huh?!
It does so by providing a simple table where a single row represents your movie. Because a movie can consist of multiple files, omov assumes your movies are all stored in their own folders. So it just let's you manage them; no playing at all, that's out of scope.
If you have a current
QuickTime installed, you even can watch movies right from the application (proper codec required).


Data versions

OurMovies uses different data sources which all have different versions and are all incompatible to each other. There are tree different sources existing:

If one of the core sources versions does not match (by comparing the data source with the expected application version) an error dialog will be displayed and OurMovies quit immediately. If the preferences source is incompatible an appropriate converter will try to convert the stored data into the new version by using some default values.

For solutions about version mismatches see the troubleshooting section below.

Downloads (Beta)

Or see a full list of all releases at sourceforge.




Version 0.5 (Beta)
- 0000012: [Bug] vlc integration (Play in VLC) does not work properly for OS X
- 0000043: [Additional Functionality] simple rescan button to check movie folder and its content for movie files (also for multiple movies)
- 0000049: [Metadata Fetching] if fetching metadata (which takes a few moments) show modal dialog + start thread
- 0000008: [Additional Functionality] outsource metadata fetching in own component
- 0000044: [Additional Functionality] experimental quicktime integration for built-in video player

Version 0.4 (Beta)
- 0000039: [Additional Functionality] file association of *.omo files with OurMovies application (mac osx)
- 0000048: [Metadata Fetching] fetching metadata for certain entries fails/crashes
- 0000033: [GUI Look] properly handle text with overlength
- 0000051: [GUI Handling] context menu does not pop up in movie table (windows only)

Version 0.3 (Beta)
- 0000002: [Additional Functionality] filesystem check which verfies that movie folders are still existing
- 0000020: [Additional Functionality] create native microsoft windows installer
- 0000004: [GUI Handling] single click on CoverSelector should popup a filechooser
- 0000009: [Additional Functionality] in case of editing multiple movies, preselect lefthand checkbox of each field which is equal for all movies
- 0000007: [Additional Functionality] display cover images in MainWindow table as additional column
- 0000018: [Additional Functionality] add version check at startup
- 0000019: [Additional Functionality] import a previously exported backup (*.omo) file

Version 0.2 (Alpha)
- 0000003: [Additional Functionality] implement SmartCopy feature
- 0000001: [Additional Functionality] export whole data (movie fields, covers) as single zip file
- 0000011: [Additional Functionality] notify user if original movie title (by folder name) differs from metadata fetched movie title
- 0000015: [Other] create native executable for windows
- 0000016: [Other] create native executable for macosx
- 0000010: [Additional Functionality] make more columns selectable when exporting as HTML
- 0000005: [Additional Functionality] all necessary movie attributes should be available for SmartFolder search
- 0000013: [GUI Look] movie info dialog's width can be oversized
- 0000017: [Other] use OSXAdapter to create a nice mac look&feel

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